Frequently Asked Questions

Follow back // Check out my blog?
We don’t follow back immediately but we’d love to check out your blog. We will try our best to look through every profile but we don’t guarantee a follow.

Promo for promo // Promote me?
We don’t do promotions on request because we want you to follow us for inspiration, not followers. However, we do frequently hold promo games so keep your eye out for those! 

Where do you get your pictures?
We find inspirational posts from sites like weheartit and flickr. If we reblogged or posted your picture, send us the link and we can credit you accordingly. 

Where’s the picture/quote I submitted?
It takes time for us to process everything so please be patient! It would be really helpful if you could identify whether you wanted the quote to appear on a picture or just simply as a quote.

Tag “inspirinquotes” if you want us to see a post!

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