Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations

We fundraise for various non-profit organizations. Our plan is to set a $500 goal for a certain organization and put in effort to achieve this goal and feature it on this blog. Once the goal is reached, we find another organization to help support a different cause. If you have any organizations or charities for suggestions, please send us the name and phone number of the non-profit organization and we will try our best to add them onto our list. The following are the organizations that we have fundraised and are fundraising for at the moment:

Ecoaction Team: Promotes environmental awareness. Implementing various environmental projects will in turn benefit the place we live in.

Status: In Progress
Total Amount Fundraised: $547 

Simply Savant: Serves the community and promotes academic excellence by helping underprivileged children acquire the ability and the means to appreciate learning.

Status: In Progress

The money we earn from the advertisements featured on this page as well as our online clothing company will be donated to one of these organizations. We hope to give the money made from this inspirational blog back to the community. In making this world a better place, here’s your chance to inspire and help the community!

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